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Blogging for Google juice

Bob James

While millions of fierce business competitors are salivating for just a sip of sweet, rich Google juice to quench their SEO thirsts, one small business owner has managed to keep his cup overflowing.

“You can bolt to the top of Google’s search rankings by consistently publishing fresh, authoritative content that other people want to read and link back to,” shared one of my favourite bloggers Bob James, president and chief storyteller of Bob & David James, who coined my favourite new marcom term: Google juice!

The secret, he advised, is to not fill your posts with industry keywords that are too competitive. Instead, hone in on keywords that are niche-specific to grow a targeted fan base.

Blog Cents

With more than 10,000 loyal blog readers, Bob should know. For the past 10 years, he has blogged everyday, minus a vacation day or two, to enhance his small business profiles. In fact, several of his long-term customers started out as fans of his blog, or friends of fans.

“If you’re looking for an audience of prospective customers searching the web, blogging is one of the best, if not the best, ways to do it,” he said.

“They may never do business with you, but they will know who you are, and influence other people.”

Credibility at no cost

There maybe 1000s of bloggers in your industry, but probably very few with the same niche, which gives you a tremendous competitive advantage, according to Bob.

“Your only real investment is time,” he explained, “and your payoff is the opportunity to differentiate yourself as an expert, and establish credibility in your area of specialty.”

Know your niche

It helps to determine in a word or two what your blog is about, Bob advised, but it isn’t easy.

“I blogged for five years before realizing my blog is about persuasion, as in the phrase, ‘the art of persuasion’,” he admitted.

Knowing what your blog is about helps you stay “on course,” he added, and makes it easy to explain the value of your blog to others.

If you’re wondering how Bob finds fresh story ideas to share with blog followers 365 days a year, he shares his inspiration on LinkedIn.

For an informative, bold, and witty perspective on persuasion in marketing, communications, and events, check out Bob’s current blogs: The Mighty Copywriter and Explorer’s Journal.


~Write-or-die girl   


Trisha Richards has had the privilege of working with some of North America’s leading organizations including the Government of Canada, City of Toronto, Tourism Toronto, Business Information Group, TD Bank and Rogers Publishing. Here is what several satisfied clients and partners have said about her.

Trish took command of our annual report and made the process easy for me. She was respectful of the senior team from whom she needed to draw information while remaining diligent about timelines. The end product showed that she quickly came to understand not only our business but also our communication objectives for the annual report.

— Andrew Weir, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Tourism Toronto

As a volunteer for our Internet-based registered Canadian charity, Trish has exceeded our expectations with her Internet marketing skills and the original content that she has produced for our site. Within the first month of Trish contributing to our Caregiving Matters blog and social media strategy, we saw an immediate spike in website traffic and time spent by visitors on our site. We continue to see an overall improvement in visitor engagement, which is critical to fulfilling our goals as an online charity. Trish is a dedicated, hardworking, smart lady who will contribute significantly to any team. I trust that any organization lucky enough to acquire her service will find as much value in Trish as we do.

— Mary Bart, chair, Caregiving Matters

Trisha has been helping me with developing my business communications for three months now. The quality of her work speaks for itself. What I love about working with her is her reliability, consistency, honesty and direct, no-nonsense approach to getting a good job done. I hire Trisha to screen all of my business communications before making them public. Now I can’t imagine going without her. Trisha is talented, has a broad scope of capabilities, and is rock-solid in trust and character.

— Monica Black, holistic health practitioner, Monica Black Colon Hydrotherapy 

Steady, reliable and delightful to work with, Trish takes every assignment seriously, exactly as you’d expect of a pro. She tackles topics carefully, thoroughly and thoughtfully, demonstrating flair for the well-crafted lead and polished phrase. Don’t hesitate for a moment to give her your next project. She’s the best.

— Bob James, president & chief storyteller, Bob & David James

Trisha joined the PWAC Toronto Chapter board in 2010. First as an executive at large, and then as our VP of Marketing, Trisha contributed her time and energy to help plan and promote our events, prepare a variety of marketing materials including well-designed and edited e-newsletters, and participate in board discussions to help better serve our membership of over 200 professional writers. She is patient, resourceful and supportive.

— Jaclyn Law, past president, Toronto Chapter, Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)

Trish has transformed the way people understand what we do. Her style of writing always gets the right message out to the public and engages them in the subject matter, producing results.

— Stuart Weinman in the role of director of sales, Systems Design and Integration, AVW-TELAV

Trish is a reliable and talented journalist who isn’t afraid to dig on the hard stories. Her performance to deadline has been excellent and her writing clear and logical.

— Jim Barnes in the role of On-Site magazine editor, Rogers Publishing

I found Trish to be a diligent worker who always wrote to deadline and showed professionalism and initiative in her approach to assignments.

— Lou Smyrlis, editorial director, Business Information Group

Trish’s writing is concise, focused and easy to read. The tone is business-like but not too formal or ‘stuffy’. In other words, the tone is right for the target audience and the information she is conveying.

— Paul Lima, writing instructor

When Trisha started working as my communications specialist, her background was mainly in journalistic writing. Within a few months, she was proficiently writing internal and external newsletters, marketing and communications tools to meet our company’s style and culture, professional press releases and even compelling ad copy. When our company decided to completely revamp our website (in 2010), I challenged Trisha to upgrade her skills and rewrite all the web content, within a fairly tight deadline. The final product was a website with clear and informative copy with a refreshing creative edge. Moreover, Trisha was able to work effectively with our web designer to adhere to the crucial deadlines.

— Heidi Welker, vice president marketing, Freeman Audio Visual Canada

Trisha Richards is a magnificent writer and one that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a writer who can emphasize, articulate and capture your every word, Trisha is the one you can count on. She’s so good at her profession I thought about hiring her to write this testimonial!

— Mista Mo, comedian